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Thoughts on Biggest Loser Couples Season 11 Premiere

Posted Jan 05 2011 11:26am
Biggest Loser Couples Season 11

Biggest Loser Couples Season 11

So what did you think? Did you watch the Biggest Loser Couples season 11 Premiere last night? I really gotta get a better system for naming these shows as Biggest Loser Couples season 11 Premiere is far too long. Anyway my family sat down last night and thanks to our skipping commercials were able to really get through the Biggest Loser fast and wow was there a lot to see.

So more Jillian Michaels for her last season and Bob Harper back again. Bob said last week that he will never leave the show unless they get rid of him so I am excited about that. Bob is my favorite trainer on the Biggest Loser

What is with these new trainers? Yesterday I posted about how Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronova would likely be the new trainers but how did we see them? In shadows, arms, feet, yelling, talking….but they still have not been introduced yet. But the numbers that their teams put up were amazing so maybe that was a good plan by those guys, skip to the next paragraph about that.

So picking the new trainers or not. Last night the first event for all the contestants was a 5k walk/run on a treadmill and the teams got to pick if they wanted Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels as trainers, or the “Mystery Trainers”. Picking the mystery trainers gave those teams a four week immunity which is great but the way the teams jumped at these unknowns it made me feel like the show was kind of enabling them. You make years of bad decisions and have people enable you and then you go onto the Biggest Loser and have a way out again. I can’t believe that I just called the Biggest Loser enabling for fatness but, am I out of line with that attitude?

The new people seem really well rounded with lots of different types of couples. I have already started naming guys like “Fat Jon Favreau” and the “Rolly Polly Guy”. And you may remember that my family was intrigued but the new biggest biggest loser Arthur. Now that he is a person instead of just a guy rolling off of a treadmill We got to see that he has lots of passion and fears like anyone else has in that position.

So here are our family favorites on Biggest Loser Couples Season 11

Arthur started at 507 mounds but he said that he was watching a show about crazy huge guys being taken out of their homes a year and a half ago because they were too big. These guys were 400-500 pounds and at the time he weighed 646 pounds and realized that enough was enough.

The two cop twins, Dan and Don one of which had his son disown him because the son did not want to see his dad eat himself to death. Then the brother one ups that story with his own about a son with drug problems proud of his dad losing 100 pounds and then dying of a drug overdose, this sent dad to a new 100 pound weight gain.

Roulon and Justin are friends and Roulon was an Olympic Gold and Bronze medal winner who said he was really lean at 265 which seems like a lot but really has a drive to get leaner than ever embarrassed about what he has sent himself to. Bob Harper said that it makes sense that someone so driven could drive himself the other way, to 400+ pounds and his friend Justin seems just as driven and good hearted.

Finally Courtney. Bob Harper met Courtney last year and told her that she would be on the Biggest Loser, this inspired her but even after trying to get in she had to lose 100 pounds just to be accepted. She is doing everything that it takes and you know without whining she is pushing herself as hard as she can anyway without complaint. Good for her.

These people all seem nice and want to do whatever it takes. We have not found anyone to hate yet although I am sure before long there will be lots of game play.

What about you? Do you have favorites as well? Are you enjoying this Biggest Loser Couples 11 as much as we did last night? And about taking the new trainers, was I out of line thinking these people were taking the easy way out or are they just scared?

Oh, and one more thing. Give me a better name for this season than the long winded one I am using. I made the mistake a few years back when Jillian Michaels left the first time and people are still finding that post in Google. She has not left yet and as we can probably guess Kim Lyons is not coming back anytime soon again so I had to start pointing people to a newer post about Jillian Michaels moving off of the Biggest Loser.

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