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This really confuses me. Everyon...

Posted Sep 12 2008 12:07pm

This really confuses me. Everyone wants to get leaner right? Everyone wants to lose weight right? Most people want to build muscle right? You think these desires would have everyone in the gym training to look their best, but you're wrong. Go into any fitness studio or gym and look around. What are some of the first things that you see? People curling a dumbbell in one hand and talking on their cell phones with the other. Pumping their arms and walking at a level of two on the treadmill.

Even better, you'll see a 35 year old husband who wants to build muscle following a bodypart split that has him training chest-shoulders and triceps then doing 15 minutes of low intensy aerobic work. Where's this coming from? Why aren't all of these people who so badly want changes questioning what they are consisently doing?

If everytime you drove to work you hit traffic wouldn't you try to find an easier way? If you went to corner store and get old milk, wouldn't you try to find a new store? I think the problem is, no one is creative enough to think outside the box. You even see it with fitness trainers. They'll read a popular website and spit the writers information as if it was gossip. Do they question the source? Do they question the information? Most of the time, no.

Question everything and Accept nothing.

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