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This Is Not Your Grandmother’s Bank. This Bank Is All About Freshness.

Posted Jun 13 2008 2:05am

Banksign Every industry continues to face new challenges and competitors as the desires/needs of customers continue to evolve. The banking industry today is no exception. If you think back even 10 years (let alone 20 years) ago it was very different than what exists today. Back in the days, banks gave away some interesting gifts to encourage new potential customers to come aboard. Ask your grandmother about those toasters they used to give away.

Now think about all of the consolidation that occurred in recent years. Seems the signs on the outside of the building continue to change. Have you ever received one of those letters that come in the mail announcing that your account will now be under new management effective XYZ date?

New debit/credit cards are issued with the name, and logo of the newest owner of bank. Don’t forget about those new checks that will also have the new details as well. Sometimes with the change in ownership, it becomes necessary for you to be assigned a new (checking or savings) account number. Definitely not fun. But online bill pay certainly has been a welcome addition to services available.

Yes, like most everything else banking has definitely changed. While banks are now offering many new services and educating us more on matters of finances, they still offer good old-fashioned safe deposit boxes. Check with your grandmother again, she can probably tell you about her first safe deposit box at the local bank as well. She’s likely to share how she felt that having certain (important) items in her “box down at the bank“, made her feel the items were safer there than just having them at home. Feelings of something of importance being safe are still a comfort even in this changing world.

Many innovations are coming on the scene to support of the desire for our favorite things being kept safe.Herbs I’m often searching for innovation that can keep my favorite foods and fresh ingredients safe by extending their life and fresh taste.

Do you struggle to keep things like fresh herbs and vegetables such as asparagus safe/fresh for more than a few days? Would you like to insure those types of items are safe and fresh tasting for a few weeks? Maybe you can benefit from a new bank I found in the marketplace. Don’t forget to let your mom (grandmother) know about the wonderful changes at the “bank”.


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