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Things to do: Drink more water

Posted Jan 06 2011 5:01pm
My eats for the day:
Tribe Garlic Hummus and red pepper slices on an Arnold's multi-grain sandwich thin and apples

old freezer nutrisystem frozen meal - need to go shopping..

Snacks Many handfuls of this crunchy goodness
I have a good dinner planned for tonight which I am very excited about.  Trying out a new recipe!
Spent the day cleaning the apartment.  Some nice clean pictures will come later tonight!

Something on my to do list lately: Drink more water!!!

I picked up this cup and am trying to refill it often and promote my water consumption. 

The copco looks like a cup you would get with a frozen latte at starbucks, but it is hard plastic, reusable, BPA free, eco-friendly, and dishwasher safe (cause no one like doing dishes).

I also use these type of water bottles at the gym and on the go (Contigo brand water bottles).  They are awesome because they don't leak, they hold a ton of water, and they make drinking the water easy.

Other ways that can help you to drink more water is- carry water bottles with you everywhere
- put sliced fruits in your water (lemons, limes, oranges, cucumbers)
- drink carbonated water (I rock the seltzer everyday - my favorite is the kind that come in regular soda cans and not the liter bottles.  That way you use it all and there is no leftover soda that inevitable loses it's fizz before your next beverage)  Seltzer is also great with fruit!
- Add ice!  Cold water always goes down faster than warm water in my opinion.
- Try and match up one glass of water with every non-water drink such as soda.

Do you guys have any other helpful tips for drinking more water?
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