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Things That You Should Know About Breast Cancer

Posted Apr 18 2012 3:51am

It is said that breast cancer is one of the diseases that kills women. It is said one of eight women would most likely acquire it in their lifetime. There are millions of people seeking for treatment. More than hundred thousand die from it. There is a huge chance that one could surpass it. This is the reason why a lot of people survive from it. This is mainly due to early detection and developed treatment program. Take note that this is not just a disease for women. In fact there are thousands of men that also develop cancer of the breast.

For those who have family members with breast cancer , the risk for you doubles. There are studies that show that genes play a huge role for one to acquire such disease. The risk for those who don’t have family history is much harder to identify. There are several factors that can increase the estrogen in the body. This would include diet, overweight and consumption of alcohol. One should be aware of the signs associated with this disease. One is the development of lump that is firm and doesn’t have any pain.

If you see swollen area of the breast skin or underarm, then this could be a sign. If the veins are prominent on one breast, then you might want to have it check for breast cancer. Nipples can be inverted or have rash. If there are discharges then seek the help of a doctor right away. There are several types of cancer of the breast. The most common is ductal carcinoma which hits the lining of the ducts. Another is lobular carcinoma that affects lobule area. When the cancer is the detected, pathologists will let you know about the kind that you have.

In diagnosing breast cancer, you will need to undergo lab test on the tissue that would let you know more about the conditions. There are tests that can help in determining which hormones would feed on the cancer. If it is positive, the cancer can be alleviated with hormonal therapy. This is something that deprives the cancer cells from estrogen. You can also undergo a test that would help in predicting if the cancer would progress. They would also take sample of the breast tissue and check it for certain genes. There are exams that would know if the disease is spreading on other areas.

You’ll find pretty several treatment possibilities available for women with breast cancer. This would consist of her age, status of health, size of tumor and stage of cancer. Lab tests would also ascertain which the proper remedy for the individual is. There are also different stages of the illness that determines the size of the tumor and how significantly the cancer has spread. You may also find suitable therapy based on result. There are actually situations when the physician would suggest mastectomy that is the removal of the breast. Chemotherapy and hormonal therapy are two most recommended as portion initial therapy.

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