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"There are no such things as incurable diseases, only incurable patients."

Posted Feb 26 2010 7:41am

Eating food appropriate to one's individual needs is a means of extracting energy from our environment in a harmonious way.

In today's world of fast foods and food irradiation, the relationship to food has become confused and degenerate. Many of us are disconnected and perceive as foreign the natural foods that Mother Nature offers us. The natural way to eat somehow seems "old-fashioned" or strange. The diseases that unnatural diet causes are so rampant that they are thought to be an inevitable part of life.

This is not the case. Western medicine approaches this problem in convoluted ways and continues to spend billions of dollars developing sophisticated technologies to treat headaches while continuing to bang its (and our) head against the proverbial wall.

The one who chooses to stop banging his or her head against the wall by giving up destructive food habits is often ridiculed. Our culture has become so upside down that one who chooses to heal and maintain good health with a diet that brings him or her into harmony with nature is often considered the idealist and extremist, rather than practical and appropriate.

If this seems far-fetched, consider all the people who have repeated triple by-pass surgeries for clogged arteries without eliminating the proven cause of the problem, which they could do by adopting a diet that does not clog the arteries.

To make the shift into harmony is a matter of making conscious lifestyle changes. To do this, and to depart from the disease-generating practices of our culture, is considered heretical and seditious to our current fast-food lifestyle. Though it is difficult to change one's old habits and beliefs systems, this must be done if one values living a healthy spiritual life. When ambivalent to making these needed changes, some use the excuse that social forces are too powerful.

Nevertheless, in order to develop a totally functional diet, one needs to be willing to examine these patterns and abandon what is no longer appropriate. Eventually, one begins to make food choices on the basis of what maintains and enhances the blissful communion with God, as well as the feeling of well-being in mind and body.

Yours in health, Robin

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