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The Wide Variety Of Aerobic Fitness And Pilates Workouts

Posted Jul 04 2010 11:14pm

One of the reasons people give for not wanting to exercise is that doing the same workout over and over again is boring. Even with using high-tech exercise machines, you are doing the same thing over and over again. This is why a lot of people do aerobics or Pilates for fitness. There is a wide variety of routines to keep the doldrums away with proper aerobics fitness and Pilates workouts.

Social Gathering

While everyone has different personal preferences, working out in a group is what many people prefer. The reasons are clear: when you are taking classes in aerobics or Pilates at your local gym or YMCA , you will get the chance to make friends. Not only that, it tends to really add an extra dimension of fun to the workout and make it seem much less like a chore when you are in a group. It can also help with motivation: when others expect you to show up, it is much easier to do so.

Pilates and Aerobics: Same or Different?

About twenty or thirty years ago, there really was a big difference in aerobics and Pilates. Originally , aerobics meant a strenuous, sweaty workout set to dance music. The routines got progressively harder, until the point people would often beg for mercy or quit aerobics entirely. It was concluded by researchers that such routines were actually dangerous for the body, and caused more pain than gain.

The evolution of aerobics , which is what we see coming into huge popularity today, is a fusion of aerobic exercise and Pilates. Pilates is a merging of several types of exercise including yoga, wrestling, and rhythmic gymnastics. Sometimes swimming is even incorporated: complete with fitness props such as floating “noodles”.

Many Benefits

When you regularly get in your aerobic pilates workouts, you can be sure your body will thank you. The body benefits are many, and include making a stronger immune system, helping prevent diabetes and heart disease, and even a better overall mood. Making aerobics and pilates part of your life will also give you a natural mood boost, and help to prevent depression.

Because Pilates and water aerobics are such a low impact and gentle way to exercise, it is becoming a top choice for senior citizens as well as young people. Because seniors are more likely to have joint pain and uncomfortable tingling in their extremities, exercise routines like these are ideal and really help to relieve such problems. Should you ever get tired of the fitness routine you’re doing, give something different a try: you can choose from many options, including gardening, jumping rope, wall climbing, or horseback riding.

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