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The Types Of Severe Acne

Posted Dec 29 2008 4:38pm

It is not always that a person gets a severe outbreak of acne. But a person may suffer any of the three major forms of severe acne. The severe types of acne are of three main types namely Acne conglobata, Acne fulminans and Gram-negative folliculitis. These are the most sever acne forms which wreak havoc on the faces and minds of the individuals experiencing them. A right and timely diagnosis and identification of the acne is important to treat and control the infection.

Acne conglobata

It is a very severe form of acne. In this type of acne, initially blackheads form, then they spread all over the face. Initially blackheads form, than they spread all over the face. These blackheads have small-inflamed nodules besides them. These nodules grow in size and may burst open as well. On healing they cause scars. The nodules, if ulcerating cause lot of distress and pain. Affecting the age group of 18 - 30, Acne conglobata generally affects the males.

Acne conglobata in caused by the deterioration of papules and pustules. This is why they are found all over a persons body mostly the torso: hips and upper arms. Old acne lying dormant for a longtime can even cause Acne conglobata. The best treatment for Acne conglobata is Isotretinoin and anti-biotics.

Another sever type of acne is Acne fulminans. Acne fulminans is a severe form of Acne conglobata. Acne fulminans infection is not only severe in the sense that it has ulcerating nodules, but it also is accompanied by fever. This form of acne appears suddenly and is accompanied by joint pain and general ill health. Acne fulminans also causes an increase in the white blood cell count. Taking the hormone testosterone may result in outbreaks of Acne fulminans. An outbreak of Acne fulminans can be treated with Isotretinoin, steroids, antibiotics and anti-inflammation agent (aspirin).

Another major form of severe acne is the Gram-negative folliculitis. Bacteria cause this kind; they can be Pseudomonas aerugniosa and E.coli. This severe form of acne affects the hair follicles besides the pores. The hair follicles become inflamed and infected with the bacteria. He face has eruptions of pus filled pustules. The scars are marked. These kinds of acne cause lot of pain in the region. Gram-negative folliculitis is mainly caused by the use of topical antibiotics and also by tetracycline. The best course of treatment for Gram-negative folliculitis is Isotretinoin along with specific antibiotic.

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