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The Truth on Negative Calorie Foods

Posted Jul 13 2010 11:00am

Credit: TheDeliciousLife

You’ve probably heard the fuss about “negative calorie foods” before, right? The idea that some foods are so low in calories that it actually takes more energy to digest them than what fuel they contain? I’ve always believed the notion seemed silly and served as just another form of dieting. Turns out, I’m right. (I love being right.) According to the American Council on Exercise, negative calorie foods just don’t make any evolutionary sense. After all, negative energy would leave cavewomen in a pickle when Mr. Saber-tooth Tiger came a knockin’. What does make sense though? Eating lots of low-cal, nutrient-dense foods, such as spinach, egg whites, bok choy, canned tuna and watermelon. Now that’s a concept I can get behind.


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