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The Truth About the hCG Diet, Strange Ways to Save Money and other dubious advice from me this week

Posted Jan 12 2012 11:19pm

I love words. It’s no secret. And no words ever make me laugh harder than unintentional autocorrects. My personal best: I once tried to text a friend “don’t be so catastrophic” but after my phone mangled it, it came out “go lick cats a** ” She texted back, “That is like the worst advice ever.” There isn’t an LOL-ism to show how hard I laughed. Anyhow, if you need a giggle, check out

In other wordy news, not only did I publish my first newspaper feature this week and get profiled in the same paper but I also wrote some stuff. A lot of stuff. Enjoy! Or skip it and go straight to autocorrect and laugh yourself silly. It’s Friday!

Fitness Stuff:

10 Tips From People Whose Body Is Their Career . My personal fave was Kara Goucher , elite marathoner and Olympian, who said, “”I used to be super restrictive about what I ate and watched everything I put into my mouth. Then I went the other way and ate a little bit too much of everything. Now, I’m in a healthier place. No food is off limits—if I tell myself I can’t have something, I’m way more likely to eat the entire container than if I allow myself to just have some. So I eat healthy most of the time, but if I want dessert, or a glass of wine, I have it!” Even elite athletes like intuitive eating!

8 Reasons Why You Should Lift Heavy Weights . Seriously ladies, there are so many great mental and physical benefits of lifting heavy! Plus, then you’ll know that when someone says “Hey, nice rack!” that they actually are complimenting your lifting form. Usually.

7 Unknown Spots to Score Affordable Workout Clothes . Did you know you can make your own yoga capris out of a large t-shirt? Or that Dancewear Solutions isn’t just for dancers (and has the cutest tanks for less than $15)? Be your own Fitshonista. Yeah, okay, fitshonista is never going to catch on.

The Truth About the hCG Diet Plan . Remember how I said the surest way to make people mad is to rip on their fave diet plan? Well, keep in mind that it was the FDA who called this one “dangerous, illegal and fraudulent.” Not that I’m a huge fan of it either.

Bloggers Reveal The #1 Best Get Healthy Tip They’ve Ever Gotten . And I win an award for the wordiest headline ever written! Yay me! (Seriously, is there a class for writing good headlines? Because I need one. Now.)

And for a change, I’m actually in the piece instead of writing it. Want to check out my slightly embarrassing choices for workout songs? (Yes I’m a 33-year-old mom who loves Pitbul. I have no idea how a short, bald man can be so sexy but there you go.) I’ve also recently discovered Lindi Ortega (video embedded below) and you should see me run to this one – I can’t help but sing out loud! Yep, I’m that girl.  Bloggers Reveal: What’s on my workout playlist .

Parenting Stuff

Great Mom Debate: Have you made your kids write their thank-you cards yet? Here’s the thing about thank-you cards: they’re a lot of work for the parents. I know, I know, we’re raising courteous human beings and all. I do it. I just whine a lot.

When Babies Get Grabby: 5 ways t hat babies (adorably) make you a flasher. President Obama recently demonstrated what to do when one is “fish-hooked” by a tiny one. Seriously, I’ve watched this video 10 times now and I still go “awwww…!”

Moms’ 10 Weirdest Tips for Saving Money. I have smart mommy friends. But the thing that most amused me about this piece were the comments. Half the people were like “Wha…? These are the weirdest tips ever! Who does this crap?” and the other half were like “These tips aren’t weird! I was promised weird! Where are the sewer alligators dangit?!”

Kids bad reactions to hilarious gift giving . I can’t remember if I already linked this one here but the video is so funny, it’s worth watching twice;)
Have you ever had a really awful autocorrect? Do you have a new favorite workout song?

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