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The truth about creatine I love ...

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:29pm

The truth about creatine

I love creatine...

I take it when I'm trying to get bigger

I take it when I'm trying to get leaner

It just amazes me that most people still debate over the use and effectiveness of creatine. When it first came out years ago I was in high school and heard comments like this

" It doesn't even raise your teststerone so you're better off looking at a playboy"

This is a comment that I remember hearing from a trainer as I was squatting.

Creatine never claimed to raise anabolic hormone levels. As a matter of fact I don't even remember seeing any compaines back in the day saying that creatine would give you anything more then a few pounds of bodyweight and a few pounds on your bench press.

Now the newer, less effective forms, yes they claim 578% increases in muscle mass but we all know that they aren't telling the truth.

Creatine is the most researched supplement aside from green tea and fish oil.

For those that might not be famailiar, how does it work? More or less, it pull water into the "inside" of your muscle cell giving you that swollen look.

So how do I use creatine?

When I use it to build muscle- I take it three times a day, once during my workout, once post workout, once mid day

When I use it to diet- I take it twice a day, once during my workout and once mid day.

Don't be concerned about water weight either, it comes and goes.

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