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The 'T' Push-up

Posted Feb 03 2009 12:10am

Finally, you mastered a'perfect' push-upfrom your toes.

And you are even doing them withideal body alignmenttoo.

You thought push-ups couldn't get any tougher..well they just did.

Meet the 'T' Push-up!

Why Do It?:

  • Increase strength ofchest, shoulders, and triceps
  • Increasecore strength
  • Increaseshoulder stability
  • Increaseflexibility pectorals and shouldercomplex
  • Variationis the spice of life and your workouts

How To Do It:

  • When you reach the top of a basic push-up you will raise one arm towards the sky to that yourshoulders and hips are stacked (like in the side plank)one on top of each other
  • Hold this 'T' at the upper body for2 secondsto show you have control and stability
  • Slowly lower the raised hand back down, perform another push-up, then raise the opposite arm towards the sky.
  • Repeat this cyclefor your desired number of repetitions

Remember While Doing It:

  • You can use this as a warm-up before upper body training
  • This exercise can also be used within a chest/upper body routine too
  • Don't sacrifice form, the actual push-up can be done on the knees if needed.
  • To make it harder, stack the feet as well for increased balance change 
  • The most common error is when on one hand the hips drop, lift that hip!

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