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The Red Light, Green Light Approach To Eating Slower And Losing Weight

Posted Jun 11 2008 3:05am

DriversHandbook Do you remember Drivers Education class? Those were the good ol' days. Many viewed that period as somewhat of an indicator of further transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. How old were you when you obtained your Learners Permit? I grew up in New York City where public transportation was abundant (and relatively inexpensive), so I didn’t obtain a permit until the ripe old age of 20.

Do you remember your former Drivers Handbook? Who would have ever suspected that some of the guidelines that were originally developed to bring order to our streets and roadways could also bring order to our eating habits? Just as committing a traffic/driving infraction can produce an unwanted outcome so can violating good eating practices.

Just as we had to prepare for the written and road test in order to obtain a driver’s license, we can also benefit from pre-planning some strategies for successful eating and weight management. Preparing for the road test wasn’t easy for most. Many remember the challenge of learning how to parallel park successfully, yet the concept of red, yellow and green lights was pretty simple to grasp. In the end, we did what was necessary so we could obtain the goal and celebrate the joys of becoming a full-fledged licensed driver. Because of the work we put in, here it is many years later and we are still enjoying the benefits of obtaining a driver’s license. Oh, the places we’ve gone and the places we are still yet to go.

We can apply a similar wisdom and focus as we prepare for how we will manage our eating habits on a daily basis. I love a good meal just as everyone else does so don’t worry, I have not come to take the fun out of eating. Actually, I’ve come to share a fork that I discovered. In many ways, it can be viewed as putting some fun into eating and certainly a way to add more discipline. PatrolCar

Be careful of those eating infractions.


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