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The Random Weekend Post

Posted Dec 12 2008 2:58pm
Well it's not really a "weekend" post since I'm typing in on Thursday, but you get the drift. Not as many people read blogs on weekends (yes, I've tracked this and it's a fact) so I figure if you're bored I will do my best to entertain you for a few minutes.

Here are some random things I've thought about this week:

- If I only got to listen to ONE Bob Seger song the rest of my life (which would totally suck!) it would have to be this one:

"Sometimes at night, I see their faces
I feel the traces they've left on my soul.

And those are the memories, that make me a wealthy soul."

AMAZING lyrics and it's an awesome transition between Travelin' Man and Beautiful Loser.

- A few things that have pissed me off at the gym this week:
* The Prowler thief is still on my mind - I want it back!
* Solicitors! Don't you have anything better to do during the day? No, I don't want to buy your chocolates, upgrade my phone plan, or contribute to any damn funds
* Junk plates. I won't mention where we purchased these from because I really like the people who work there, but our plates suck. They're too wide, and there are some serious discrepancies between the weights listed and what they actually weigh. That's a problem.

- Colts vs. Baltimore this weekend at home. We plan on doing some grillin' since the weather is supposed to be perfect, but I'd be lying if I said I was thrilled about this match-up. Can we get a cupcake? Please? Or at the very least a team that DOESN'T play smash-mouth football? The O-line is still beat up without Lilja and Ugoh, Sanders won't be back for a few more weeks, and now Hayden is out at least a week with a knee injury as well. Isn't it time for the forgotten Tyjuan Hagler to get off the PUP list yet?

I think that's it - if you're reading this on Saturday or Sunday, put the computer down and enjoy yourself a bit. I'll still be here on Monday ;)

Stay strong and have a great weekend!

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