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The Rainbow Colors of Nutrition

Posted Jan 15 2010 6:30am

Most of my clothes are either black or white, but at heart, I’m a person who loves bright and beautiful colors. And with my recent resolution to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I know that the more colors I add to my diet, the better the quality of my life. Nature has blessed us with an abundance of food that is both nutritious and delicious – they come in bright colors that are tempting to both the eyes and the taste buds, so at the start of this new year, let’s all resolve to eat more food that are rainbow colored:

  • Violet: The color purple is a sexy and smart choice – eat purple eggplants, purple cabbage and purple grapes to boost your antioxidant intake and delay the aging process – this color helps slow down free radicals which destroy healthy cells and bring disease and illness.
  • Indigo: Plums and black currents help reduce blood pressure and help bring down your cholesterol levels because they are rich in anthocyanins which enhance the body’s natural healing powers.
  • Blue: Fresh blueberries are both tasty and healthy, as any nutritionist will confirm – they are rich in antioxidants and can be eaten as a shake, frozen dessert, or just plain. It helps prevent cancer and also helps boost brain power by slowing mental aging.
  • Green: Fresh, green and leafy vegetables are great for you any time of the day because they are rich in compounds that protect against oxidative damage and also help correct DNA imbalances. Collards, lettuce, kale, broccoli, spinach and green peppers are good, either in a salad or when cooked.
  • Yellow: Fresh corn is whole grain and adds to your nutrition because it is natural and not processed. Fruits like papaya and pineapple are also good sources of vitamins and minerals. And turmeric does more than add flavor and color to your food – it prevents cell damage due to oxidation and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Orange: The common orange is rich in Vitamin C and a good source of fiber as well. The carrot, whether eaten raw or cooked, provides you with Vitamin A that is good for healthy eyes. Add to this list pumpkins, sweet potatoes, apricots and mangoes and you have a veritable treasure trove of nutrition on your table.
  • Red: Apples keep more than just the doctor away – they are rich in flavanoids that help lower cholesterol and prevent osteoporosis and cancer. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and great for your health when eaten cooked or in the form of a sauce. So also, choose to eat red peppers, red onions, watermelon, and other fruits and veggies that are naturally tinged with this hue.
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