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The Pros and Cons of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Posted Jan 18 2010 7:00am

As researchers learn more and more about the impact of natural products on our metabolism, you might be pleased to discover that there are definitely organic food and drink resources that can impact your weight loss. An item that fits this description and one that is currently experiencing a buzz in fitness circles is green tea. While fairly new in the western world, green tea has been utilized in the east for centuries. One of its many benefits is its ability to increase energy.  This certainly has the potential to improve weight loss results.

Gives You More Energy

When you have increased energy, you’ll have the ability to workout a lot harder and more effectively. This, in turn, greatly aids in the ability to lose weight effectively. However, there is a con associated with this as the more hyped and jittery you are, the more anxious and nervous you’ll feel. This is a tradeoff common with all stimulant based products and green tea is no exception.

May Reduce Fatty Deposits In Liver

The potential to reduce fatty deposits in the liver may also be possible as this was a common result with lab tested mice. A healthy liver is one free of fat deposits and the ability to improve liver health can be considered a major positive in using green tea.

The major problem seen with green tea is that its effects have only been proven in lab tests with mice. The effects on humans can still be considered speculation. And it’s also speculated at least 7 cups of green tea per day would be required to deliver these results which is certainly a lot.

The Verdict

In general, green tea is an effective health product and many people claim weight loss as a result of taking it. Giving it a try might be worth it afterall.

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