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The Pros and Cons of Body Vibration Machines

Posted Nov 30 2009 10:01pm

Have you noticed the new body vibration platform devices? You’ve probably thought to yourself…” Woah, I just stand on it and I lose weight?” or “ Will this really help me reach my fitness goals?”


Understanding its history, purpose, and pros and cons will clear up any confusion you may have about whole body vibration.

The perception of whole body vibration is not a new one. It was popular in earlier years and then was all but forgotten about. The original vibration machines involved a vibrating oversized strap that wrapped around your mid-section. It would then be connected to a machine that possessed gears able to induce the vibrations. These machines were a fad in the 1950s and then slowly faded away.

In spite of this, today, the whole body vibration machine platform can deliver helpful calorie burning vibrations and is growing in popularity in the health and fitness industry.

Standing on the platform of a body vibration machine allows vibrational impulses to travel through your body. This leads to the very impactful (and positive) aspect of twitching the muscle fibers to stimulate growth. It also helps in burning calories since your body will need to expend energy in order to manage the vibrations that will be traveling through it.

One of the cons linked with the use of this mechanism is not so much a con as a sober dose of reality. This machine is not one that opens the door for you to stand on it and allow electronic vibrations to automatically burn fat. It has to be used in conjunction with some form of exercise. If you assume that the vibration device will produce a magical automated result – you’ll certainly be disappointed. Instead, plan on performing bicep curls, squats, or shoulder presses (among scores of other exercises) when using a whole body vibration machine.


A huge pro is that the impact of the workout will be magnified quite a bit. Performing even light dumbbell curls on a body vibration machine has the tendency to make the muscle development occur faster. This is because the impact of the vibrations on the muscle fibers helps in stressing them when the curl actions are occurring. That helps develop the lean and toned look most women are after.

And, of course, cost will always be a con when looking to workout with a whole body vibration machine. Some of these devices cost several hundreds of dollars. If you’re unable to pay these fees, you could always explore gym memberships with facilities that offer availability to these specific machines.

How your body will react to this type of workout can be a pro or con depending upon your own unique physical makeup. Some people will respond very well to such body vibration machinery while others may not experience results as fast. However, it’s safe to say that most people will react in a manner that is definitely positive which is why exploring your options with whole body vibration machines is worthwhile.

Have you tried one of the whole body vibration machines before? What was your experience like?

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