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The Outdoor Gym a New Concept in Exercise

Posted Jun 02 2008 5:03pm

Depending on the kind of exercises you’re used to doing, sometimes it can seem a mundane task tread mill bikeat times, but being as we live in such inventive times these days someone has thought of a novel way to bring the gym concept outdoors, it is a cross between a treadmill and a bike.

What with the summer now approaching although at the moment it doesn’t quite feel like that, perhaps the inventor thought it might be a good idea to release such a product to the public.

The inventor who is a Canadian guy from Canada, Brent Curry, “said he wanted to harness the power in people’s legs to replace what has long been done by cars”.

Although it might not be everybody’s taste due to the hefty price tag it costs £1270, which is quite a lot of money for a treadmill on a bike.

It does actually look like a scooter to me except where you would stand normally the treadmill is there instead of a flat piece of metal where you put your feet.

The inventor said that over a long period of time, it would pay for itself in time as gym memberships can be quite expensive. Most people become a member and then stop going after a time.

The thing is here to make your own mind up the, thing that springs to mind here is will it end up like the Sinclair C5 did or am I being a bit presumptuous saying that.

There might just be a future for the treadmill bike.

And just so you can see it in action here is a video of somebody actually using it.

Source mail on Sunday

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