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The one with Weirdo Wednesday

Posted Mar 30 2011 10:33pm

I originally called this Wordless Wednesday because I realized I talk to much and that you might instead enjoy some really disturbing photos. As it turns out, it’s impossible for me not to talk and I’m so weird that Weirdo Wednesday turned out so much better. This will probably be one of those “series” that I start and never repeat.


Can you believe I found that thing in an alley and decided to stick my head through it?


Normal bar behavior…


Apparently I’m too obese to button my skirt?


Bras are overrated?


The perfect prom dress 3 years too late.


Bras are overrated part 2. As is patron from the looks of it.


Now walk it by yourself. Notice the vladimir vodka on my desk. Normal. Outfit is also normal.

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