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The one where I snowboard

Posted Dec 31 2010 9:00am

Yesterday my sister and I went to Seven Springs ski resort with my dad, his girlfriend, and her son Joey to snowboard.

Maddie and I had never snowboarded before, so she Joey and I took a lesson. 

The hill we were on was actually pretty steep for people who have never snowboarded.

So most of the time I couldn’t even stand up by myself. I was much better at at toe side than heel side. But I would get to the point where I was going so fast that I would have to wipe out so I didn’t go any faster or kill a small child.

Snowboarding was fun, and would probably be a lot better when you can stay on your feet. I’m extremely sore this morning and am predicting some pretty ridiculous bruises on my legs.

Also, you know you’re hardcore when you snowboard your snow pants off.

And you know you could afford to lose a few pounds when you rip your snow pants.

Classy people post pictures of their crotches on their blogs.

If you want to give me free snowboarding lessons or a bigger pair of snow pants, send me an e-mail.



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