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The One And Only Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Posted Oct 06 2010 9:55pm

Many people believe that it must require take a lot of hard work to get rid of their fat belly. The reality is you only need to work out the right exercise and diet plan, and all that it requires after that is for you to stick to it.

Will dieting alone be sufficient for you to lose belly fat? The answer is yes, but you do not get to tone up the muscle around your waist line, and it is very easy for you to regain the fat once you quit. The beauty with exercise is that you also get to build muscles, which will make you less prone to put on unwanted weight.

According to research, a mixed exercise program is most effective for losing overall body weight while target some specific body areas. For example, you can do weight training on your first day, and cardiovascular training on the next day. With the same cardiovascular regime, for instance, you can vary the intensity by alternating walking and running.

Your fitness routine should include both cardiovascular training and strength training, as they each serves a different purpose. Usually, cardiovascular training will help you lose overall body weight, while strength training can help you tone up your problem areas. These two combined, you get to shape up quickly and for good.

Now that you have got it right with exercise, you need to back it up with the right eating habits. By eating right, you will not only be able to “keep” the result you have achieved through exercise, but also lose more fat by having lower calorie intake.

On one hand, you need to have enough nutrition to be able to exercise effectively. On the other hand, you should not reduce your calorie intake to below the minimum level, as your body will soon adapt to this situation by lowering consumption which will increase the difficulty for you to reach your fitness goal. Some people may have problem switching to a healthier diet, a tip is to incorporate some stretch training in your workout, as stretch training can magically help you follow a healthy diet naturally.

To sum up, the one and only best way to lose belly fat is to go on a sensible diet and exercise plan. Go check some fitness guides or experts and make a plan for yourself. With a realistic but powerful plan, you can usually see some substantial change to your ab within a month. But, maintaining a flat and tightening belly is a long-term game, and only a healthy life style will give you the best promise.

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