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The No-Laps Pool Workout [Plus more workout tips, parenting articles and photoshoot outtakes!]

Posted Jun 09 2011 10:23pm

Some of you saw this pic when I Facebook/Tweeted it and were wondering what the Gym Buddies and I were doing at the bottom of the pool (and some of you also wondered how I have lived this long and not learned how to be underwater without plugging my nose – in my defense, in all the other pics I’m NOT plugging my nose but they turned out blurry so you’ll just have to take my word for it.) and now I can finally tell you about our Shape Magazine swimsuit photo shoot! (Never thought I’d be typing those words! Don’t worry we’re not standing thigh high in the water wearing bikinis and a fake tan.)


Gym Buddies Allison (our photogenic covergirl above), Megan, Krista, Daria and I are the lead story on today!

Lap swimming is one of the most intense workouts there is but if you can’t swim laps or you’re like me and just hate it (it feels like controlled drowning!), you can still get a great total body workout in the pool this summer. Anything you can do on land, you can do in the pool but the resistance from the water makes it that much harder. Chris Kost, who in his 20 years of aquatics experience working with pro athletes like baseballer Joe Mauer says, “Most people think of aquatics as just for gray hairs but you can do boot camps, power x and other high intensity classes that incorporate everything from therabands to kettlebells in the water.” Try using some of these moves as part of an existing routine or make up your own circuit. Either way you’ll get a great workout – no lap swimming required. To read the rest of the article on (and see how much fun we had with the underwater camera) follow the jump…

If you didn’t catch my fitness series on Workout Junkie, check out my posts Workouts for People With No Money , Workouts For People With No Equipment , Workouts For People With No Time and Workouts For People With No Childcare .

For Redbook this week, I wrote articles on “ Mom Debate: Do You Spend Too Much Time on your Smartphone When You’re With Your Kids? ” (So do I win the award for longest post title ever?), My 8 Worst Parenting Mistakes (According to my kids) (If you read just one of my articles today, read this one – hilarious!) and “ One Mom Confesses To Not Liking Her Own Child: Did she cross the line? ” (this one I still feel really conflicted about – super sad.)

And if you want to know why Forever 21 gives me a guilt complex, check out my book review of Lost In Translation for the BlogHer Book Club.

And most importantly: the outtakes from our underwater photoshoot!

Turns out the laws of physics will not be thwarted and so to prevent us from floating to the surface while snapping those underwater shots, another Gym Buddy had to hold us down. Here, Krista is holding Allison under the water while (5-months pregnant!) Daria models and her son watches.

Daria on the bottom side of “the otter roll” – she obviously learned how not to plug her nose!

I am laughing hysterically for some reason – because Krista told me I look like a hyperactive 5-year-old? Because someone took an underwater shot of me picking my swimsuit wedgie (aHEM!)? Because the old folk’s pool class right next to us was playing oldies? The whole hour was one long laugh fest.

Krista and Allison had way too much fun with the underwater camera!

Daria takes a snuggle break with her son – you can see where he gets his gorgeous grin!

Allison is too cool for school. Or the pool.

What happens when you take a picture half in the water and half out. You can see why we didn’t do any more this way!

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