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The New Wellsphere is Live! ... and making health knowledge personal

Posted Sep 18 2008 11:16am 2 Comments

Our CEO, Ron Gutman, describes the new site on the Wellsphere blog:

I am very excited to share with our wonderful community and the rest of the world that we have just released the new
With this very special release, we are launching the next generation of online health by making health knowledge personal. After years of research and development, with an amazing team of real superstars, we are revolutionizing the way people find health knowledge, answers and support, and we are very excited for the opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

Starting today, instead of having to search multiple websites ton only find generic medical information over and over again, you can finally get firsthand accounts of what it’s like to deal with serious medical issues, hear from doctors the inside scoop on handling difficult diagnoses and get personal advice from healthy living experts – all in one place.

I would like to take this opportunity to share all the best words in the world with our wonderful team that has worked around the clock for months to break ground in health knowledge with a mission to improve the lives of people around the world. I would also like to thank the phenomenal individuals in our Health Bloggers Network, who gave us essential help, support and continuous feedback as we developed the site. Their warm response has been overwhelming – and we are humbled by some of the comments we’ve heard about the new site. Here are just a few of their reactions:

      Wow… the new Wellsphere site is very impressive! - Lorilaws1

      It's interactive, easy to use and looks fantastic.
      The expanded array of health topics is wonderful. - Avsfan

      I love the new site! - Jacquelineljones

Please send us your feedback and ideas on how we can continue to improve Wellsphere. As we have always done, we will continue to listen to you and be attentive to your suggestions and feedback in order to become better and better and reach new frontiers in health knowledge and support so we can help more people live healthier happier lives.

We are also very excited to launch “WellPages,” our comprehensive, personalized web pages that connect people with the best health knowledge from experts, doctors, patients and healthy living professionals – providing immediate answers to their specific health questions.

Every WellPage is powered by our new proprietary Health Knowledge Engine™ that understands people’s everyday health questions, instantly translates them into medical terminology, finds the most relevant credible knowledge, and presents it all on a single user-friendly WellPage. On each WellPage you can find a comprehensive set of articles, videos and visuals that we carefully selected from top medical experts, leading health institutions, healthy living professionals and other trusted health writers. Starting today, you don’t have to visit multiple websites to find answers to your health questions.

Listening to users in our supportive communities has always been our first priority and the new Wellsphere reflects our response to the needs we have identified while talking with our users. We heard from many users that they are not satisfied with the information about their condition or symptom that generic health websites or encyclopedias provide. What people are really looking for is a credible, one-stop-shop where they can quickly get a personal perspective on their specific health issues – from medical experts and fellow patients. A 26-year old mother of two recently diagnosed with breast cancer is looking for different kinds of information and support than a 74-year old grandmother facing a seemingly similar diagnosis. We wanted to make sure that each of these individuals could easily find expert medical information that’s relevant to them, as well connect with other patients and health writers with similar experiences

When you soon try our new WellPages you will experience the rich comprehensive perspective on millions of health topics that we bring from hundreds of thousands of articles written by Wellsphere’s network of 1,200 rigorously selected health writers and experts. These great individuals dedicate their writing to helping others improve their lives. Many of the leading medical minds from Stanford, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Yale and other top Medical Institutions are currently sharing their knowledge alongside patients who bravely share their journeys through stories, pictures, videos, and personal discussions. You can also connect with these great people in Wellsphere’s more than 100 new health communities where you can also share advice and support with other members in our community. .

I’m looking forward to hearing you feedback!

Ron Gutman
Founder and CEO, Wellsphere

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I see some Health Mavens have a Pro button and some have a PatEx, what qualifies someone as a "healthy living professional" versus a 'patient expert"?

Thanks, Jen

The PatExp designator is for members who learned through experience and research about their area of interest. The Pro designator if for members who make a living in a health or wellness-related field - such as fitness trainers, sports coaches, and so on. Health professionals' designators are their degree for their area of expertise (MD, DO, RN, LVN, OT, RT, RD, etc.).

If you are incorrectly listed, please send a note to , she can fix your listing.


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