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Posted Oct 04 2012 4:01am
mizfit workout skirt



This has been a process, People, and because I love you Ive dragggged you through the entire thing with me .

Im nice that way.

  • I waffled (Im a wordswoman. I dont wanna sell apparel.)
  • I questioned (I love love love mine.  Would others love?).
  • I pondered (Is there a way to be all (color/style) things to all people? Should I just start with this skirt & go from there?).

And as I did I washed and wore and washed and wore and washed and WORE my sample skirt.

A lot.


running skirt




fitbloggin 12, running skirt

Each time I did people would stop me & ask about it.

Women would ask where I purchased it & share they’d love to have one because they adored the words sprinkled across the skirt.

In turn I found I’d spin and rave about how much I love the way it fit (see raving video below).

And so, only about a year after the idea was born , (Im nothing if not slow and methodical) the skirts are finally here .

Finally for sale .

I love the cut. 

I love the fit. 

I love that —if youre a misfit as I am— it goes from gym to LIFE with ease.

The skirts retail for 48.00 and, by way of full diZclosure since we’re nothing if not always transparent around here, I make 5.00 per skirt. 

I am donating 100% of that to the Mayan Families charity.


  • Curious when the sports bras are coming?
  • Wish it were a tank top instead?

Please to hit us all up in the comments below…please to CLICK HERE to purchase.


Due to the fact Im a one woman show & not a major sportswear conglomerate the skirts will ship approx. 2 weeks after order is placed.

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