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The Miracle Supplement For Muscle Growth – Nitric Oxide

Posted Dec 14 2010 12:00am

In general, muscle growth was thought to be based on calorie intake, heavy lifting routines, and protein.  Then there was creatine.  Creatine is created in the body and is also acquired through meat and dairy.  This supplement was hailed for it’s rapid muscle gain with no side affects.  However, now there is a new muscle gain product that hit the stands, Nitric Oxide.  NO is a vasodilator, meaning it increases blood flow allowing you to lift longer and heavier without fatigue.  It also increases oxygen to your muscles to offset the affects of lactic acid (the burn that you feel when muscles fatigue) .

The Benefits

Tremendous  Muscle Gains
•    Increased Blood Flow and Oxygen Delivery to Muscles
•    Transform your body
•    Improve Your Strength, Endurance & Power
•    Boost Your Overall Health (source)

Although nitric oxide occurs naturally in our bodies, we don’t make enough to get the effects of the supplement.  Scientists decided to make this supplement even more effective by adding branch chain amino acids.  These help the body to recover after a hard workout and reduce soreness.

I have seen many men and women using this product.  Some report a hot feeling as the NO increases blood flow.  Almost all love the product and continue paying high prices to achieve the “muscle pump” that it provides during their workout routines.  If you are a woman and you want to gain muscle, I suggest cutting the dosage down.  Also, pay attention to the ingredients!  Many of these companies add caffeine to their mixes.  If you are sensitive to caffeine or you are working out late at night, this isn’t a good choice.

The only negative side affects that I have heard of pertain to the hot feeling that people get while taking this supplment.  Another affect is due to the caffine.  People who are sensative should not take the whole dose listed on the bottle.  As a trainer and avid blogger it’s important to pay attention to long term side affects of supplements.  I am not sure what this can do to your body over time.  A rapid increase in blood to every part of your body could be taxing on your heart.  It could also be hard on your veins.  Unfortunately, the discovery of negative side affects may take time to surface.  If you like this fit tip and have anything to add to this article please write in and give our readers the inside scoop!

Adria Ali

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