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The LifeScan One Touch Ultra Smart Blood Sugar Meter

Posted Jul 15 2010 1:19am

If you have diabetes, you’re probably tired of the time expenditure and discomfort associated with measuring your blood sugar levels. It can be tedious and painful to take blood samples, measure them and wait for results, and then log all the details in your journal. Well, a medical supplies company called Lifescan may have the answer for you.

Lifescan is moving forward with new technology all the time. The One Touch Ultra blood sugar meter was a great meter when it first came out, with ends in 45 seconds, seventy five stored results, a large screen, and plenty of other features that made testing a breeze. Well One Touch has made a new meter, the One Touch UltraSmart is the latest meter out on the market and it is way better than its prior meter.

The ultra is a meter great for those who have a fast paced approach to life and do not have time or patience to wait, as it delivers leads to as little as five seconds, beating its previous meter by 40 seconds, talk about a time saver! Results in 5 seconds means you could test at a stop light on your way to work, or anywhere else!

The ultra is the only meter out on the market which has been shown to help reduce A1C. To top that, this meter is great for people that make insulin adjustments through their day as it collects and organizes all of the results into nine different charts that help you know where your levels are and have been. It also takes an average by the point of day that you test. This meter is also helpful for those who test many times per day.

The ultra is also a great glucosemeter because it only requires a particularly tiny quantity of blood so it is quick to use, just lance your finger and put a dab of blood on the meter and your test results will appear within five seconds. This meter is very fast and simple to use.

This new blood glucosemeter also allows for the user to check on their forearm rather than fingers, which is a big help. If you’re tired of having sore fingers, this could be a great solution as it gets rid of that pain, making it better to do other daily activities and more on with your day once you have tested your bloodwith your meter.

The One Touch Ultra meter is a great glucose monitor. It is fast and efficient, saving you resources on testing. With results in five seconds, decrease in A1C levels, your information being organized, and having the ability to test on the forearm with a very small amount of blood, this meter seems like a very good deal for those that need the fast and easy way of dealing with their blood sugar testing.

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