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The Importance Of Pre Or Post Workout Drinks

Posted Apr 21 2010 7:12am

The best way to feel good while doing your daily exercise routine is to make sure that you have pre or post workout drinks. This will ensure that you get the most out of your session while retaining stamina. Sometimes people think that they can exercise on an empty stomach or eat whatever they want. There really is a reason to think about what you put in your body when you are trying to lose fat or build strength.

If you have tried working out on an empty stomach then you know that it is not always the most effective way to go. A lot of people believe that if you exercise without consuming anything then you will burn a lot more calories. This is true, but then your body has to get its fuel from somewhere. While you burn calories you are depleting your natural source of energy stored in your muscles. If you had something before working out, you would be fueled by that, first, and your natural source of energy, second.

Now, if you eat too much before working out that can be hard on the body during a workout as well. Many people complain that when they eat or drink before working out they get cramps during their routine. This is not good. Those cramps can really take their toll and you will not be able to complete your session, in most cases.

The best solution is to have a little something to drink that will give you the energy that you need to sustain a workout routine. What I use is Prograde Workout both before and after my workout. It has the right amount of carbs to protein ratio to help optimize your workouts. You could also get what you need by consuming a healthy fruit juice with some protein. For example, you can get protein powder and mix it in with pomegranate juice. Pick a juice that is one hundred percent natural.

What you do after you are done exercising is almost as important as what you do before. When you are finished working out you need to replenish what was lost during the routine. The sooner you give your body what it needs the faster the recovery time.

Anything in liquid form is going to be the fastest way to get you the energy your body is now craving. You can consume any energy drink or juice. You will also need some protein. You can have a meal replacement drink. These drinks can give you exactly what you. They have calories, but after working out you need to take in some calories.

Whether you are looking to burn a lot of calories or build mass you must consume something before and after you exercise. If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. You will get the most out of your routine by making sure your body is fueled properly.

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