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The Importance of Hand Eye Coordination

Posted Nov 18 2008 7:01am

The last two exercise DVDs I did (reviews on that soon) involved some form of dancing and it made me realize that following it I was kind of slow.  I’m not a dancer of any sort but it made me think about my hand eye coordination.  Watching the instructor and following what she was doing wasn’t exactly the easiest thing.  I wondered if it was due to bad hand eye coordination.  I mean, I can catch a ball thrown to me no problem, but when it comes to following precise instructions such as dance moves it’s not so easy.  Some people just can pick things up better than other people can.  It has been said that good hand eye coordination is a core strength of good athletes, so does that mean I’m a bad athlete?  There are some ways to improve your hand eye coordination if you continue reading…

  • Practice sports that require a ball… which is a lot of sports, but table tennis or tennis is a great one.  You have to focus your eye on a small ball and be able to hit it with the racquet.
  • Play catch with a friend.  I’ve read suggestions that you should write letters or numbers on the ball and as you are catching the ball call out a letter or number on the ball.
  • Adding more zinc to your diet is known to help improve hand eye coordination.  This includes foods like almonds, pumpkin seeds, whole grains and beans.
  • Video games!  Even better… playing Nintendo Wii, especially Wii Fit. You’re concentrating on certain Wii Fit activities and you’re not sitting down.  A two in one bonus!
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