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The Health Benefits Of Colon Cleansing

Posted Sep 01 2011 3:53am

If you wonder why the local health food store is stocking their shelves up on enemas, colonics and other colon cleansing products, consider the typical American diet. It’s no wonder they eventually develop a whole plethora of colon problems. Sugar and refined foods seem to be the biggest culprit for contributing to an unhealthy colon. Delectable pastries, candy bars, pizza, chips and fries are foods that Americans enjoy and their colon doesn’t like it one bit.

This type of diet is bound to take its toll sooner or later. With a constant diet of Big Macs, fries and chocolate shakes, the body will degenerate sooner or later. This is when people look for help by turning to enemas, colonics, colon cleansing and special diets. Wise people everywhere are practicing preventative and some degree of restorative care for the colon. Many people are magnesium oxide deficient which results in a sluggish elimination system and benefit from that a colon cleansing detox routine approved by their doctor.

Studies have shown through autopsies that the colon can actually accumulate a buildup of mucous debris that becomes as hard as plastic. Needless to say this can lead to all sorts of inevitable health problems. Prevention and maintenance through the use of mild natural enemas and colon cleansing may be a step in the right direction for feeling better and putting a spring in your step.

Colon cleansing may improve health and a feeling of well-being The colon is the portion of the digestive tract responsible for temporarily holding waste before it exits the body. Substandard can impede the body’s ability to properly dispose of waste. In fact, a contaminated colon can potentially lead to other medical conditions including: Digestive Disorder Constipation Diarrhea Problem Skin Fatigue Other than water irrigation, many variations of digestive health treatments have emerged with colon cleansing being the chief aim. In fact, you can now obtain colon-cleansing featuring organic compounds to help the colon cleanse and heal itself.

Benefits of Colon Cleansing Proposed benefits of this type of colon cleansing therapy include improved mental outlook, enhancement of the immune system, and elimination of toxic substances. It has been suggested that intestinal bacteria or waste products can affect the entire body’s immune system, and therefore may be involved with diseases outside of the gastrointestinal tract. By gradually washing these away, it is theorized that sizable, beneficial effects may occur in overall health.

It’s important to avoid any type of junk food such as potato chips, etc. Eat a low protein diet that contains vegetables, fruits and whole grains. If you are at a loss about how to do this, you can get your protein by making delicious egg white omelets and vegetable protein may be found at the health food store. Look for breads that say whole grain and not multigrain. Cheerios cereal is made with whole grain now. You can make decent tasting smoothies by combining vegetables, one apple to sweeten and a cup of water in your blender. If you are older and your colon has significantly deteriorated, you may need to take a daily fiber supplement before attempting any type of colon cleansing.

Another important element of maintaining a healthy colon is to ensure that the proper good bacteria balance is always present in your colon and digestive system. A popular refreshing cold drink ordered in sidewalk cafes in Turkey is simply made from yogurt and water. You might want to add a touch of fruit to punch up the flavor a bit. It’s a good healthy drink on a hot day.

An additional recipe for good colon health is 5 oz of carrots, 3 oz of spinach and 1 cup of water pureed in the blender. An added apple really does add substantially to the flavor. You want to shoot for around 10 fruits and vegetables per day. Choose those with the brightest colors. The amount of water you need per day is equal to 1/2 your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 120 lbs, then you will need to drink 60 oz of water daily. You can also add a small amount of prunes, raisins, grapes, dates and figs but don’t over do.

Occasionally it is good to eat steamed beets (not canned) as a late evening snack. Cook the unpeeled beets in a steamer or with very little water. Peel and cut into bite-size pieces to eat while relaxing. You will probably be pleasantly surprised with the results! Most detox diets mainly consist of uncooked vegetables, fruits, water and some types of juices.

Always consult your doctor before attempting a colon cleansing routine. would not be recommended if you have any type of medical condition such as pregnancy or breast feeding or if you have intestinal blockage, chron’s disease, heart problems, colitis, alcohol or drug abuse, kidney disease, stomach pain or any type of bleeding.

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