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The Halloween Dilemma: Will no one think of the children?

Posted Oct 06 2011 11:51pm

To see more strange children’s Halloween costumes, check out this HuffPo slideshow. If you go, let me know what you think of this one . I almost threw up. 

Leaves are falling, apples are everywhere, it’s a balmy 86 degrees here – all signs point to fall! (Ok, except the last one. We are having some freaky weather up here but I am definitely not complaining.) And fall means the return of the Halloween Grinch! Yay! As you may recall from my whining in years past, I really don’t like Halloween. It’s gross and I don’t do well with gross. I know that for tons of you Halloween is your favorite holiday and I’m totally cool with you liking it but please do not try to convert me to your brain-eating ways. I do not need a horror movie to make me pee my pants; after 5 children I do that just fine all on my own.

But as I explained in my post for Redbook , there is one part of Halloween I do love: teeny little children dressed in costumes going door-to-door holding out plastic pumpkins in their dimpled fists. I adore trick-or-treaters. I only have two trick-or-treat rules: they can’t be old enough to grow real stubble for their hobo costumes and, also, they have to have a costume. As long as the children meet those two criteria, I will pour sugared confections into their buckets all night long while cooing mom-isms like, “Aren’t you the prettiest little princess ever?”

Last year, as you may recall, I had a crisis of conscience. With the obesity crisis growing (or at least the reporting of it growing) and a child culture already inundated with treat-giving occasions, is it truly in the little Tinkerbells’ and pirates’ best interests to hand out Pixi Stix which, if you think about it, are simply straight sugar packed into a tube so you don’t have to even bother chewing it? (And I’ll be honest, I don’t want bags of Halloween candy sitting around my house singing their siren call of sugar come 4 0′clock every afternoon.)

What are the options? If you’ve been in a grocery store lately, you will note that alongside the 5,000 different bags of candy lining the shelves, there are a few non-food items, like really expensive stuffed animals, marginally expensive Play-Doh tubs, and cheap pencil erasers. But what child wants a pencil eraser for Halloween? They don’t even erase! They just crumble!

So last Halloween, I went online to one of those cheap party sites and ordered dozens of plastic rings, glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls, and glittery tattoos. I threw one bag of sugar-free bubblegum in the bowl for variety’s sake. When the trick-or-treaters came knocking Halloween night, it was unmitigated disaster. The bubblegum was gone in 10 minutes, and I had to endure children whining, “No candy left?” for the rest of the evening. Eventually, I just locked the front door and left the bowl on the front porch. Come morning, it was still three-fourths full. All of which leaves me stymied as to what to do this year.

The commenters on my Redbook post made an interesting point that I hadn’t thought of before. Basically they asked why I felt like it was my responsibility to take care of other people’s kids. Shouldn’t their parents be policing their sugar intake? If they didn’t want their kids coming home with a 5-lb bag of sweet, sweet loot then wouldn’t they keep their little pirates home? Well, huh. I guess I do kind of feel responsible for other people’s kids. But is that a problem? Shouldn’t we all be looking out for the little guys? Does nixing the candy inherently mean I’m telling other adults that I don’t trust their parenting? I honestly don’t know.

Help me out – what do you do for Halloween? And do you think we should take a little responsibility for the health of children that are not our own? Or is that me being bossy again?

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