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The Great Tattoo Tweeting of 2009.

Posted May 01 2009 10:38pm

Subtitle: Have I seriously been yammering about this since JANUARY? Good GOSH you must be ready for the needle to be put to skin.

For those of you who have been playing along at home this Sunday is finally the day.

After months & months and MONTHS spent langishing on my artist’s waiting list this weekend I’m getting the entire outline of my Look At Me I’m Finally A Member of the 40 Year Olds Club! tattoo done.

For those of you who havent been playing along at home allow me to present the short version: Leg. Big. Seuss. Images. Quotes. (there. you’re all caught up.)

In honor of this event (& because so many of you have commented/emailed me asking about the tattoo process) I am going to live tweet the entire thing the parts which aren’t so painful I cannot.

Not yet on Twitter? You can easily sign up here.  Create a name. Get to tweeting (despite what they say it really isnt all that much of a time suck addicting).

Already on Twitter but not yet following my tweets? Im @MizFitOnline!

I figured it would be easier to twitpic /tweet while I’m having it done that way those of you who abhor all things tattoo can simply avoid it all together!

What can’t you avoid (you know, since you’re already here and all)?

My Friday Links of Tattoo Love.













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