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The Great American Meat Out.

Posted Mar 18 2009 3:40pm

AKA Change Your Diet–Change The World.

To know Miz (virtually or in real life) is to know she perceives herself to be all about the protein.

The more Ive pondered this, however, the more it dawned upon me that I am, perhaps, less about the protein & more about the elimination of the processed white.

The fluffy, preservative laden wondernessment which makes me feel GREAT upon initially cramming  in my ho-ho-hole ( get it? not pie-hole? not funny? oh, ok ) & all kinds of sugarcrash, mood fluctuation crappy afterward.

Upon even more reflection I realized that much of my protein (besides my beloved jerky) comes from non-meat sources.

Sure Ive been known to consume more than a few chicken breasts in a day, but I also am a fan of tofu, beans, soy & whey.

All that as a backdrop to explain why Im quite actively behind the Great American  Meatout.

Meatless may not be entirely how I choose to make up my daily intake, but I find the Meat Out to be an intriguing endeavor none the less.

Meatout, sponsored by FARM, is an international effort to introduce people to what they deem the wholesome compassionate diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains (&, whether you chose to eat that way or not, who can really argue against that?).

Their approach is to ask people to kick their meat habit for one day (on the first day of spring 3.20 ).

Whether aforementioned kickage lasts for a day ( Hello MizFit!) or a lifetime is entirely up to you and last year 1000+ communities in the US & 27 other countries hosted events in celebration of this one day affair.  A  number which struck me as pretty huge with regards to uniting people in a day of FOOD anything!

And yes, if you’re a child as am I, you’re now struck with an inexplicable longing to launch a Great American Beef Jerky In! or a World Wide Petite Filet Day!

Or are you not.

Are you interested in staying meatless one day a week? Sign up for the Meatout Mondays email reminders & newsletter.

Do you wanna see if there are Meatout 2009 events in your area? Look here (there are three happening where I live!).

More as I am & a carnivore at heart? Look here.  Because really, whether you chow on the cow or *love* on the cow it can never hurt to ambulate for the cow.

Or, as they more eloquently phrase it, Lace Up For the Animals.

So lay it on me, Oh Bumbling Band (and join me tomorrow to see the IRONY of this post):

Heard of the Meat Out before today? Always a vegetarian? Id love your insights & thoughts below.

Pondering joining the Meat Out this year, but probably only for that one day? Chime in your carnivore love as well.

(Me? Ill join you as soon as I finish whipping up my soy sausage & egg substitute concoction as a trial run for Friday morning.)

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