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The Farmers Market Is My 'Meet' Market

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:26pm
Who would have believed that the bar would finally get surpassed for the best place to meet someone? I sure didn't, until I experienced it for myself. This realization wasn't at church, a coffee shop, or with Dr. Phil on . So, where is this Mecca for singles? 
Well, here's a hint - 

You can pick up both fresh veggies and fresh hotties there!

Yeah, that's right. I went to a Farmers Market.

What really is a Farmers Market? 

Usually it's an outdoor market held on Saturday or Sunday where local farmers (even local store owners) sell and market products from their farms or stores. It will vary from market to market, but you can find much more than just fruits and veggies. The farmers market acts as an important sales outlet for agricultural producers and avenue for getting fresh foods to urbanites

Here's why a Farmer's Market is better than a bar:
  • No bad bar or club lighting, what you see is what you get (produce and people)
  • Everyone's guard is down, making small talk easier
  • You don't have to buy anything! 'Just looking' is considered 'staring' at a bar
  • Most people will be health, fitness, and environmentally conscious 
  • You won't have to slip the bouncer a $20 bill 
  • No hangover, maybe just a sugar high from tasting all the samples of fruit
  • Dress is casual, but come correct
  • High girl to guy ratio, good for some 
and finally...

You can talk about squeezing melons without getting slapped!

Come back tomorrow for The Farmers Market Is My 'Meet' Market - part 2

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