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The Dizzy Spell

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:26pm

now you will become dizzy when you strength train your legs!

Poof! A dizzy spell has just been cast upon you - now whatcha gonna do?

I don't know if there is something in the water, if my 24 hour deodorant only lasts 4 hours , or a witch has been casting dizzy spells, but over the past few weeks a couple of my clients have been getting lightheaded especially after doing leg exercises.

What's potentially involved with casting a dizzy spell?

1. There is a lot of blood sent to the leg muscles when we exercise the lower body from:
  • Blood vessel dilation in the legs
  • Blood flows towards active muscles
  • Blood rushes to the area that was exercised to clear away waste products and begin the repair process
2. Combine that with the fact that blood sinks and may sometimes pool in the lower body because of gravity when we stand up

3. This results in not enough blood getting back to the heart to pump creating the dizziness effect

4. May be more frequent in new exercisers as their total blood volume has not risen yet.

5. This is also known as ortho static hypotension or postural hypotension

6. Can be caused by sudden changes in body position especially when the head is positioned below the heart before the change. 

7. So combining this increased blood flow to the legs during an exercise coupled with the gravitation effect  on blood and a possible change in body position may lead to this dizziness.

Possible strategies for breaking the spell?
  • Choose leg exercises that keep your head upright over your heart
  • Do not stand up quickly after your set is complete
  • Transition from laying, to kneeling, to squatting, to standing gradually

*If dizziness persists consult your physician*
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