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The Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Posted Mar 27 2009 10:54am

fatloss I often hear and see a lot of women focus on the wrong aspects of losing weight.  Obviously, when you have conversations about your weight and your talking to a friend and happen to mention that you want to lose weight.  But here’s the thing, it’s not that you want to lose weight - hell you might be at your ideal weight already, what you really need to do is lose the giggly parts on your body or in simpler terms - the FAT.  Fortunately for you, Your weight and  fat are two different things.

Total Weight

Your weight or total body mass, is how much you weigh in total including your organs, bones, fat mass, water and the food you already have in your stomach. Let me ask you this, “ What do you use to measure how much you weigh!?” Yup a scale.  Scales are amazing contraptions, they allow you to see how much something weighs.  But the problem with scales, is that they don’t give a “flying cahoot” as to what’s on it.  Its soul purpose is to tell you how much something weighs - that’s it.


Now for the dreaded ”F” word.   But don’t worry sometimes you can have fun with fat (..uhhh…never mind I just got a gross mental picture with that).   Fat or in scientific-brainiac jargon  ”adipose tissue” is the fat that’s underneath your skin, around your internal organs, and in your bones. It has it’s purposes but I’ll save that for another post.  Essentially fat is just one component of your overall total body weight.  The problem with fat only happens when your body has too much of it.

Here’s What I’m Saying…

Saying that your overweight or want to lose weight might not be the right term or thought.  The reality is that you may not be overweight after all.  You just might be over-fat.

Although it’s important to know how much your total body weighs it’s equally as important to know how much body fat you have in your body.  There are different methods that will help you out with seeing how much fat you have in your body, but what I really want you to understand is that, constantly weighing yourself on a scale without knowing how much body fat you have is like running a race without knowing where the finish line is - You can put the hard work in, but never finish the race.

It’s a different mindset but I think once you can understand that your weight is not the problem - but the excess fat, and that both are different, then you can plan and track your results with less frustrations and more results.

What you do think? Should women worry more about their total weight or how much fat they have in their body?  Let me know your thoughts :-D


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