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The Complete Guide To P90X At Home

Posted Jun 05 2010 2:02pm

p90x at home

If you’ve decided to give the P90X at home program a try, the great news is that you’re in for some fantastic progress as more and more people are starting up on this approach and are seeing nothing but great results.

One of the biggest benefits of the P90X at home program is that you’ll never be doing the same workout two days in a row.  Because of this, your body never adapts to the exercises being thrown at it and instead, you continue on seeing the great results you’re looking for.

Let’s have a quick look and give you your complete guide to P90X at home.

P90X At Home Component #1: 12 Workout Systems

As you set out to begin doing P90X at home, you’re going to be utilizing 12 different workouts total.  These workouts include:

  • Chest and Back,
  • Plyometrics,
  • Shoulders and Arms,
  • Yoga,
  • Legs and Back,
  • Kempo X (a punching and kicking workout),
  • Stretching,
  • Core synergistics,
  • Chest and Shoulders,
  • Back and Biceps,
  • a Cardio Workout,
  • and the Ab ripper X.

All of these 12 different workouts are going to combine forces together while you do P90X at home to give you the ultimate body toning experience.

Full Nutrition Plan

The second great thing that you’ll get when you start the P90X at home workout plan is a full nutrition program.  Since diet and workouts go hand in hand in your seeing results, this cannot be overlooked.

You’ll never feel lost again over what to eat when you have your 100 page nutrition manual in hand.  With various different phases including the fat shredder plan, the energy booster plan, as well as the endurance maximizer plan, you can be sure while doing P90X at home you’re eating to support your training goals.

P90X At Home Workout Calendar

Third, the next thing that makes the P90X program so great is that you’ll get a workout progress calendar as well.  One thing most people never take the time to do is track their workouts so they can learn from their mistakes and boost their progress levels.

The P90X at home system makes this incredibly easy however. All you have to do is write down what you’re doing for each workout you complete and you’ll be well on your way to keeping a close eye on your progress.

P90X At Home Follow-Along Workouts

Finally, the last component that makes P90X at home far superior compared to other programs you may have tried in the past is the fact that it includes follow-along workout DVD’s.  Rather than just reading about the workout in a manual and being left to fend for yourself, the P90X at home system provides that extra level of guidance that you need for best results.

So if you’re someone who has been searching for a way to get in shape, firm up, and lose the excess fat that’s been troubling you, consider doing P90X at home .  You will be simply amazed at how quickly you start seeing results.

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