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The Biggest Loser - Week #2

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:33pm

So is anybody into the "Biggest Loser"? I love it. I find it inspirational and enjoy watching how different trainers approach the same problem.

Lets look at week #2 weigh-ins and why there was such a low weight loss compared to week #1. They didn't address it very well and even the trainers seemed a bit perplexed about the whole thing. I have some theories, tell me what you think.

Theory #1:

Weight loss in the first week was sure to be big. Before they hit the fat camp these people were eating pizza, chips, hamburgers, donuts and processed foods. Most of them also drank large amounts of soda. In their very first week their colons were re-introduced to vegetables, fruit and water.

They went from a fat and sugar sludge coursing through their intestines to a healthy mixture of fiber, nutrients and H2O. Not only did this re-introduction to real nutrition, "clean them out", so to speak, it also allowed their system to stop holding on to a lot of water. Water that was being held in the body to help cleanse their systems.

So, I believe week #1 weight loss numbers are due mainly to a cleansing of the colon and water loss. After week #1 their bodies were now adjusting to the environment so weight loss was not as impressive. In week #3 I think you will start to see some bigger numbers again.

Theory #2

After such a great first week I wonder if a little complacency set in. After being heavy for most of their lives and being able to lose large amounts of weight in only their first week they may have got the wrong notion that this is easy.

I am sure that the trainers are not there with them 24/7. A lot of what they do on a day to day basis is probably self propelled. So with complacency setting in and no trainers to crack the whip they may have gotten a little lazy. I bet they have learned their lesson and the work that they will continue to do will become more aggressive and productive.

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