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The Best Exercise for a Flat Stomach...

Posted May 14 2009 4:58pm 1 Comment

It's not what you think!

Most fitness professionals will have you doing a million and one sit ups, crunches or a variation thereof. Screw that!

Actually the muscle that keeps your stomach flat is called the "Tranversus muscle".

The Tranversus is what sucks your stomach in and keeps it there. So why the hell would you want to do exercises that build the muscles under the stomach and push your stomach out. It's absolutely ridiculous!

Mountain Climbers....Mountain Climbers and more Mountain Climbers are what will burn more fat fast and make your stomach flat. Mountain Climbers work all the major muscle groups of the body...chest, shoulders, upper back, stomach, hips, thighs, calves...

I think you get the picture. Watch the video to see how to perform a Mountain Climber properly.

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I guess the only way to get flat stomach is to do hard exercises. Every one would like to have an ideal figure and flat stomach is one of the element, maybe the most important. In my opinion without hard training it is not possible to get nice stomach. With a flat stomach we feel better, happier, more confident. We just like ourselves more. So, yes, everyone should try to get it flat.
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