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The Basics of How Argireline Works in Anti Aging Creams

Posted Dec 02 2008 10:01pm

Wrinkles in the skin have many causes. They are part of the aging process, skin cells loose fat content (elastin and collagen) because of several causes. Over exposure to the sun, natural aging even repetitive facial gestures like squinting or pursing the lips. As well as this, the skin cells loose their capacity to seal in moisture, as the fat content slowly deplete the cells that were once plump. This is why the smile lines, frown lines, eyebrow and forehead lines as well as crow’s feet lines start to appear.

The objective of anti aging creams is to keep the lines and wrinkles from appearing in the first place. In the case of anti-wrinkle creams, the aim is to try to retain the skin cells. To keep their moisture and skin muscles to relax the positions they have formed that eventually cause certain skin wrinkles. Like smile lines and crow’s feet lines. There are ways of ‘rebuilding the skin structure’ or ‘remodeling skin cells’, that you may have heard about. It usually involves the use of peptides, a wound healing process like that used on burn victims, where the skin is remodeled to restart new skin growth.

In the case of facial and skin muscle regrowth or retraining, peptides have been used, as a sort of muscle relaxer, as peptides tend work on a deeper level than some topical cream treatments. Argireline is a trade name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, which as the name implies is a peptide, a synthetic anti aging chemical derived from natural proteins, making a chain of amino acids, which can be used to stimulate muscle relaxation and reflex reactions, that can be the underlying cause of a wrinkle appearing in a certain position over time.

Argireline is very successful at reducing muscle relaxations over time. Improvement begin at the 4 weeks period, with the effect double over 27 weeks. However, just like all other anti wrinkle cream and anti aging creams, once you stop using the product the wrinkle begin to reappear again.

Argireline treats the underlying muscles against normal treatment of the surface skin cells. This makes it a lot like a topical form of what Botox does. The cessation of the facial muscle contractions is a short-term solution, even with Botox. Makers of Argireline use less than a 10% ingredient content as a higher level could have side effects, like relaxing the facial muscles too much and creating sagging. While Argireline has not been on the market for long time, long-term effects have not been measured. It is an effective ingredient in topical anti-aging creams and anti-wrinkle creams and is sold in many formulation.

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