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The Army’s Fitness Test: Goals To Aim For

Posted Oct 12 2010 10:32pm

The members of the Army are undoubtedly some of the most physically fit people anywhere. Soldiers have to be in peak condition so they can meet the needs of their physically demanding jobs. While it is true that certain of the army staff , such as cooks, may not have to meet the same fitness conditions as soliders, the vast majority of army members must be in superior shape. Several times yearly, most army soldiers will have to prove their physical fitness to superiors so that the army knows the members can perform their jobs.

Superior officers in the army will administer the army physical fitness test, carefully evaluating the performance of each army member and of the group as a whole.

Expectations for these tests are set quite high, and the reason is clear. Soldiers must be in peak condition so that they can perform essential duties, both individually and as part of a unit. One unfit member of the team could cause a serious breakdown in the team’s ability to function well and could cause grave consequences.

The Army Physical Fitness Test Is Available For Others

The army physical fitness test is used to keep the members of that group in shape, but the important features of the army physical fitness test are available for other people. Some people realize that this is a tool to keep soldiers in great shape so they use it as a standard to make sure that they are in great physical shape.

Even though ordinary people don’t really need to meet the same fitness goals as army members do, these fitness standards are a wonderful way to maintain top fitness levels for anybody. It is very special to be able to say you can meet the high standards of army fitness.

The fitness test done by the army is composed of a minimum three parts. A minimum number of push-ups and sit-ups must be performed by each soldier. In addition, a two mile run which has a time limit must also be done. Even though those outside of the army might not be able to achieve the goals initially, these goals can still serve as excellent peak fitness indicators.

The army physical fitness test has different standards for those in different age groups so ordinary people might use the appropriate standards for their age group. Soldiers who are forty years old do not have to meet the same standards as younger soldiers. Although the standards are different for older individuals, the standards are still very demanding.

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