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The answers to MartaMontengro’s nutrition, health and overall fitness quiz

Posted Dec 21 2011 8:37pm
  1. c.) kidney stones
  2. b.) increase fat oxidation
  3. Tryptophan is an amino-acid that acts as a precursor of serotonin and can be found in these foods_________________ (list three) milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, chocolate, oats, nuts, eggs, fish and poultry
  4. d) all of them. Plain corn as it comes from the cob is considered gluten free.
  5. a.) false b.) false. The term natural doesn’t specify anything in terms of fat and cholesterol. A food can be natural and be high in fat and cholesterol c.) false: This is what healthy stands for. Natural does not necessarily mean that. d.) true
  6. b) Dynamic stretching. The two other ways to stretch have been related to decrease performance and actually increase the risk of injury.
  7. d.) All of the above
  8. a.) true b.) true c.) false. They increase the strength of the hamstrings
  9. Strains and ligaments sprains
  10. b.) Moderate intensity aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease the incidence of colds better than other types of activities. Long duration and very high intensity exercises may actually hinder the immunologic system.
Whether you got an A or not is not that important. I’m sure that today you’re more knowledgeable on fitness, nutrition and overall health topics that you were yesterday… this is what it matters and of course, put them on practice. Congratulations
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