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The aftermath of Easter!!!

Posted Apr 08 2010 12:00am

A trainer's favourite time of year...NOT!

I was pleasantly surprised though when everyone was done with this choc-filled holiday, that they did quite well. No massive binges, bit of alcohol, bit of bad food but slightly more controlled than usual. Is my nagging finally paying off, maybe?

When big holidays, celebrations and events with importance come around how do you control yourself? There are lots of different ways, lets look at a few:

1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare: If you know of an upcoming event were temptation will be around every corner, think about controlling your calorie (food) intake for a few days leading up to the "big day". So say your event is Saturday and you want to indulge a little, For Wednesday Thursday, Friday drop 250 calories of something (for go your mid morning latte or snack). Easy! You've now got 750 cals up your sleeve. If you decide to drink a few more wines than usual you've got that bank of 750 cals, make sense? I don't recommend doing this on a regular basis but it is handy when a celebration involves food and alcohol you don't have control over

2. Move more: Probably the simplest way around drinking and eating excessively. Sounds simple but so many people forget about it. Go for a walk after your Christmas dinner, Play with the kids after you scoff those Easter eggs. Move for about 30-60mins and you'll get rid of about 200-400 cals!

3. Portion control: Have it all! Really- go on have it all...However, in small bits. Don't eat a whole piece of cake, have a little square. Our craving is usually satisfied with that small morsel, trust me!

4. Drink lots of water: Simple, if you're thirsty you tend to eat more. Sometimes we forget to drink water regularly and our body mistakes that for hunger. So sip often, monitor your thirst and you'll prevent excessive eating through dehydration.

Hopefully these tips see you through all your socialising and partying
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