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The 3 Things I Wanted To Change About Myself As a Child [Fun & Fit radio interview]

Posted Nov 17 2011 11:25pm


As a child there were 3 things I desperately wanted to change about myself, Anne Shirley-style:

  • I wanted red hair – something I did eventually achieve thanks to every shade of red hair dye in existence until I realized halfway through college that I look really bad as a redhead. My skin has pink undertones and when I have red hair I just look like a hot mess.
  • I wanted to be skinnier – sad but true fact: In my diary written by my 8-year-old self was a list of “Everything I Must Do Before Bed !!!!!” and it included 200 crunches, 200 leg lifts and if I could “pinch an inch” 200 bicycles. Thankfully it also included lining up my dolls at the end of my bed in order of whom I loved most that day. Yep, I’ve had disordered eating behaviors for almost 3 decades.
  • But most of all, I wanted to be an identical twin. Whether it was Jessica & Elizabeth in Sweet Valley High or Haley whats-her-name times two in the old Parent Trap (holy crap did I love that movie!), identical twins seemed to me to be the coolest thing ever. Unfortunately for me I came out of the womb alone although in college my brother and I would tell his dates we were identical twins just to see how dumb they were.
I have eventually given up on these three things but I was reminded again at how amazingly awesome identical twins are when Fun & Fit twins Kymberly and Alexandra interviewed me for their show. They are hilarious and sweet and one of them even has red hair! (Which I guess means one or both of them dyes their hair since the other one’s a blond and there’s that whole identical thing. Anyhow.) So they’re pretty much living my dream! And I had a blast on their show. You can check out the 10-minute (ish) interview on Women’s Radio .

Other posts I wrote this week:

13 Things Parents Wish Other People Knew About Their Kids. (I originally titled it “The #1 Thing Parents Wish They Could Tell Non-Parents” but that caused a crapstorm the likes of which my Facebook has never seen before. In the end I think it turned out very educational for everyone involved! So the next time you see a kid completely losing it in the grocery, please think of this list!)

A grape here, a granola bar there – d oes eating in the store constitute stealing if you intend to pay for it? I’ll admit to doing this one quite a bit, especially with my kids. Feeding them a bag of animal crackers buys me 20 minutes of peaceful shopping! But a Hawaiian woman was recently arrested for this when she forgot to pay on her way out. Crazy ensued. And it made me rethink the whole debate.

Scariest Ad Ever! The Michigan Department of Health uses shock tactics to scare parents out of co-sleeping.

There’s still time to enter my Bare Escentuals giveaway and my T-Tapp giveaway !

Also: TODAY (Friday, Nov 18) if you comment on MizFit’s post on the Anytime Fitness debacle, Anytime Fitness will donate 10$ PER COMMENT to charity!

Did you want to change anything about yourself when you were a kid? Did you end up doing it?

See? Twins are awesome! Uploaded with

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