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The 3 Day Diet Plan

Posted Jun 21 2010 12:16am

The 3 Day Diet is a popular fad diet. It focuses on a specific eating program that is formulated to create the dieter drop significant weight within a 3 day period. It runs by following a controlled calorie deficit plan and is not recommended for over a 3 day span.

The 3 Day Diet consists of 3 mealtimes a day. Anyone who is used to starvation kind diets may be astonished at the quantity of food that you are specifically allowed to consume on this weight loss plan. Breakfast is normally small and well balanced, which includes a fruit, a grain, a protein, and coffee, tea, or water with an synthetic sweetener. Lunchtime on the 3 Day weight loss plan consists of a protein and a grain and also coffee, tea, or water with an synthetic sweetener. The lunchtime protein can be either one hardboiled egg, a cup of cottage cheese, or half a cup of tuna. The grain is a piece of toast or 5 saltine crackers.

Mealtime puts in a bigger array of foods. There is typically a protein, a fruit, 2 vegetables, and your drink. To make this diet more possible, ice cream is incorporated to the dinner portion of the meal. This is an unexpected turn, because ice cream is known to be a no to most diets, and including it to a controlled calorie kind of weight loss plan doesn’t make much sense.

Inspite of the threat of adding ice cream to the final meal of each day, the 3 day weight loss plan does deliver on what it guarantees. Normally, people who successfully maintain the diet for the 3 day period will lose 10 pounds. Unfortunately, most of this weight is seemed to be water weight. Either way, for a short period of time, it gets the job done.

Remember, drinking can harm your diets even more than eating, since drinking doesn’t really make you any less starving. Generally, diet drinks can not be good for you and they don’t give anything that’s for sure.

Jason Myers is a professional writer and he writes mostly about health and diet news . He’s also interested in writing health and diet plan guides.

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