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The 10 Commandments to help leave our Stressful lives behind in 2009!

Posted Dec 25 2009 10:34am

On this Christmas day "2009" we can reflect on Jesus birth "Happy Birthday Jesus!" And on ways to declutter our lives for next year by following these 10 Commandments to help leave our Stressful lives behind in 2009!

1. Get organized: By organizing your life, your taking control of the way you spend time and energy
Control your environment by controlling your surroundings...who is in control? "YOU"

3. Like Yourself:
Hello, liking yourself involves giving yourself positive feedback and support. If you don't like yourself than how can you possibly like anyone else?

Reward yourself by planning leisurely activities.
Activities help you look forward to the near future, but don't get to far ahead of!

Exercise a minimum of three days per week for 15 to 30 minutes.
  Any exercise you will stick to...hint...hint!

Relax and take your mind off stress.
Visualization and meditation are important when it comes to relaxation.

You require rest. At least seven to eight hours of rest per night is needed to remain healthy. Resting doesn't include only sleep, but alos breaks. It's good it you take a 10-minute break every hour during work.

Be aware of yourself in terms of physical health. Any signs of distress, such as headaches and insomnia, should get immediate attention.

Don't poison your body with drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, food or your thoughts.

Enjoy yourself and don't get too caught up in your stress. Life will be happier if you can see that things look better and be handled if you aren't a "drama Queen".

If we follow these commandments, nothing will get us down, please feel free to add your own ideas and remember eat to live, "NOT live to eat" in 2010!

Merry Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year!

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