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Teva Fuse-Ion shoes. (Ren Man review)

Posted Jul 23 2012 4:16am

I love Tevas .

I have a pair of the original sandals with the ankle straps.

(Please to not tell him I tried them on)

I don’t know how old they are, but it’s more than 10 years.

(MizFit note: Ive known him for 19. I cant recall a time he didnt have these shoes…)

I still wear them all the time.

I remember when Teva stopped making this style.

I was devastated – not knowing that Tevas are so hardy that I would never need to buy another pair.

(MizFit note: I also recall this.  There was crying involved.  Mine. I wanted a matching pair. A lot.  That day my hopes were dashed.)

I also remember when I thought I’d lost my Teva sandals in a move. 

(MizFit note: I first read this as saying he thought he lost them in a movie.  I spent a few minutes pondering why he’d have taken his Tevas off in a movie until I realized that WASNT what it said.)

I was inconsolable that I would never be able to replace them -  finding them was a glorious day.

So I was very excited when Mizfit told me about a new Teva lace-up shoe . 

(MizFit note: love is patient. love is kind. love lets love get new shoes even though she kinda wants the Teva Fuse-Ions too.)

I really like the way they look – very stylish.

(MizFit note: HIGH PRAISE.  Ren Man may now have a grown-up job, but he spent years selling fancy men’s clothing in NYC).

They are also very comfortable, but I prefer wearing socks with them as I found the material around the toes to be a little abrasive on my bare feet.

They provide good support and don’t slide around when youre running around.  (…chasing a Tornado of a girl).

They are made for water and are great for a romp in the river.  The only problem is that they look so good I don’t to get them dirty by wearing them in a muddy swamp.

 MizFit note: 

I giggled when I saw the Teva Fuse-Ions were billed as: “The highest performing water shoe you would gladly wear to the bar.” 

Given our lifestyle these shoes are PR-perfection. 

The water we’d most likely to be covered in comes from water BALLOONS or a small creek & the drains in the Teva  Fuse-Ions keep Ren Man’s new shoes light and non-sloggy.

The bars we shimmy up to these days more likely proffer PROTEIN SHAKES than PROTEIN ‘TINIS (is that a thing? should we make that a thing? did I just share my million dollar idea?!) and Ren Man has definitely worn his new Fuse-Ions there.






FTC the shoes were free.  The fact I couldnt help but jump in during the husband’s guest post is all my own issue.


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