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Terrifying dreams of Death

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:40pm
Last night I had quite a long terrifying dream which seemed so real. If you have any thoughts or possible interpretations, please comment! I'm open to accept your ideas.

It had been a week of storms in Salt Lake and it was flooding all of downtown. It was to the point where you couldn't drive anymore. I swam over to the Church Office Building downtown figuring it was the tallest building in Salt Lake City. (Why didn't I just swim over to City Creek Canyon to dry land?)

I was on the 26th floor and 50 foot waves were crashing into the building and the whole thing rumbled. I looked over the edge and didn't see roads or even smaller buildings. They were completely underwater. The water kept rising and the waves that were crashing into the building were now seen at the edge at the top, much like this picture. I went in the lobby and someone was watching the local news which said that all of the valley was underwater and thousands were dead. The phone lines were down and I was unable to find out the status of Cathi and the kids.

I was fearful they might have drowned. I prayed, but I felt as if God was angry and we were being punished and that I would soon drown. As the waves started splashing over the top of the plexiglass, I went inside and went up the two more levels to level 28 where the Church Security Department is. We talked about our options, and they didn't really have any. Then I heard the sound of steel breaking and stretching as the building slowly was tipping sideways.

Before the building completely tipped over I woke up. Man! What is up with that dream? That was a bad one! Lately my dreams have been very vivid!

The night before I dreamt I was a lifeguard at a beach area. I was really hungry so I went up the trail to the lifeguard house to get something to eat (which was against the rules for when you were on duty). After my meal and on my way down the trail to the beach, someone was frantically running up the trail screaming, "Help! Help! Someone has just drowned down at the dock." My heart sank knowing that I should have been there. I was fired, convicted of involuntary manslaughter, spent 2 years in prison, and then sued by the family of the dead kid. Woke up in a cold sweat.

Why the sudden recurrence of death dreams lately? I had another death dream before the lifeguard one, but I forgot it and didn't log it.
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