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Tennis Versus Treadmill

Posted Mar 31 2009 11:50pm

Yesterday one of my clients asked me,

'What's the difference between one hour of tennis
 and one of hour of treadmill?'

My answer was, 

'One needs a jock and is a racket, err, is for jocks and needs a racket!'

Not giving him an adequate or professional answer, I scoured the internet.

The thing was that every place I looked, I found a different answer!

That was because tennis and treadmill ARE different - not like comparing apples and oranges, but oranges and tangerines.

What makes this question tough to answer is that there is a lot of variability between the two activities - not even considering the differences from person to person that are present.

Differences & Variability -

Tennis is primarily BOTH aerobic and anaerobic (short bursts), where treadmill is primarily aerobic if done for an hour.

Treadmill is 100% 'activity', but tennis is not. What % of the total hour is for 'real play'?

What intensity is the tennis (recreational/competition) and the treadmill (speed/incline)?

Calories -

Each mile on a treadmill will burn around 100 calories, depending on incline and individual body differences. 

Recreational Tennis Energy Expenditure by body weight:
  • 203 lbs = 600 cals per hour
  • 183 lbs = 540 cals per hour
  • 163 lbs = 480 cals per hour
  • 143 lbs = 420 cals per hour
  • 123 lbs = 360 cals per hour

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