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Tebowed With A Side of FRS

Posted Jul 25 2012 7:00am
Tebowed With A Side of FRS

Last year, when Jenn and I attended the Dole event  we were hipped to the quercetin game and after that I could think of nothing else. The Dole scientists had mentioned that FRS was chock-full of the good q-stuff, so when FRS actually sent me a bunch of samples to try and then an invitation to come workout with THE Tim Tebow, I said fit bottoms up and RSVP'd! The Tim Tebow Workout The drinks, (review coming in a couple weeks!) sold themselves for sure. I was an FRS groupie at first sip , but I had no clue I'd leave the gym a Tim Tebow super fan.  After seeing the workouts this man does on a daily basis, what Fit Bottomed Girl wouldn't be? This isn't your run-of-the-mill workout. The kind of workout that gets you into the NFL and makes you Tim Tebow-rific. I wasn't sure if Tim would actually be doing the workout with us. (I just assumed his trainer would show us the ropes (literally...lots of athletes swing those things you know!) and that would be it. But Tim came bouncing out at 8 a.m. in the morning ready to share his "fun" with us. We went through the same warm-up, weight training and conditioning that man conquers in a regular training day. He's a beast—and then some. He, along with his trainer, Will Bartholomew of D1 , rallied us like warriors going to battle. I swear I've never wanted to give 100 percent quite like that. Will would call out the workout, we'd come in for the team huddle, he'd yell out the magic word for the day (which was "fearless!'), and then we'd give it our all. Maybe it was the competitor in me, but I wanted to be awesome like Tebow! I wanted his quick feet, his mad agility, his strength, but most of all, his attitude, so I ripped through those workouts like it was nobody's business. At breakfast, I swear I had to fight back tears when he was talking about passion and purpose. (I know, y'all! Crying at the athletic table of awesome isn't a smooth move, but you would have sucked 'em back, too!) He loves football and loves honoring it by making his body the healthiest and strongest it can be. You don't have to play the game to want that type of passion and zeal for something. Each workout was done perfectly. Whatever muscle we were supposed to be working was bulging out of that nice man! There were lots of good targeted stretches meant to activate different muscles in our back, shoulders, shoulder blades and arms. Who knew a simple stretch could make my arms shake, rattle and roll?! But the overall message was doing it well and dropping the quantity in the trash. I loved giving each movement it's proper respect and attention. I love workouts that actually help to enhance or strengthen a targeted area. Moving with's a beautiful thang! There was also a really great circuit-training workout that involved dumbbell back rows, a version of a clean and jerk (a sort of shrug) that's a groovy modification for athletes who use their arms, and sumo squats with kettle bells. He even commented on my squats. I swooned. Yep, sure did, but it didn't detract me from my awesome form. (A true Fit Bottomed Girl never breaks form for a dude or dudette!) My boyfriend Mark got a couple of back pats and comliments, too. Made me proud to have another fittie by my side. When they called time on the workout, I was sad. I don't know if it was the FRS or the good energy in that room, but I was on fire! I could have gone another 45 minutes, easy! I know FRS is doing a contest where someone out there is going to win a golden ticket to get their chance to work out with one of the greats. I'll give you more details on that when they become available! In the meantime I have to know, would you accept the Tim Tebow challenge, too? —Tish

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