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Team Beachbody Coaches Choose A Career versus A Job

Posted Oct 04 2008 12:00am
Oct 04

As a top , I’ve had family & friends from all walks of life asking me lately me why I choose the residual income lifestyle over working the 9-6 lifestyle for someone else and get my guaranteed 2 weeks of vacation and investing in the company 401k.

They don’t understand why I’d give up such “security”. Especially as the economy continues to show signs of falling apart. (I expect it to get worse in 2009 and beyond.) They have the same concerns about money, about debt, about retirement, about their health, their future. But they now need more money to keep up the losing battle with the economy. Then in the same breath, they ask me how I make that money working from home and if it’s possible that they earn a living from home too?

Why Tim why did you do it? Well…many reasons and far too many to list here, but…

The cost of commuting…time to and from work away from family multiplied with the rising price of
gasoline…making ends meet harder and harder. There is only so much money you can get out of a job…that 3-5% a year raise…that doesn’t even keep up with INFLATION! It’s a lifestyle. It’s a choice. Too many people are trapped by the housing and financial meltdowns. Trapped in their dead-end jobs.

Have you ever had that conversation with someone you are close to about all the news? How did it go? Have you had that conversation recently as the economy worsens? What’s the response been to the news on TV about financial market bailout of 700 billion dollars? The falling stock market? Their 401k? I’m not a betting man, but I have a feelin’ it’s been on their minds.

In the months ahead as we’re moving into 2009, I fully expect more and more people will be actively pursuing how to make more money online, they will be asking me about how we are earning a living from home and how we’re transforming our bodies and health through the Team business!

So why did I choose a career over a job? First and foremost…I had PASSION!

I have a passion for LIFE! A passion to impact people’s lives in a way that their lives are permanently transformed! To live as healthy as I can for as long as I can while leading others who want to do the same on their own terms. A passionate commitment to fitness.

I didn’t have passion for commercial property management, but I DID have passion for working with entrepreneurial minded individuals as I learned over the years and knew I loved being in shape and hanging out with like-minded people!

Are you passionate about what you do? Are you passionate about health & fitness? What IS your passion? Can you earn a living from your passion? Find out your passion and find a way to turn it into a lifestyle!

Do you have the time or money to start your own business? To increase your streams of income? Do you think about life without a job? Have you been thinking about joining the “work at home generation”? Are you making any plans to break free from your job while you’ve built your career from home?

I really enjoyed reading what my fitness mentor/coach, Tony Horton, of P90X fame, wrote on his blog on my birthday about Jobs vs. Careers about what it is that we do in this career choice.

People with careers are happy and fired up because they manifest their
own destinies. They can’t wait to wake up and get busy because they
know the sky is the limit. If you commit to building your own business
the rewards are endless. Like I said earlier, my job is to be the
fitness guy, not to be the Team business promoter. But when I
see so many people go from lame, low income jobs to life altering
careers with this amazing opportunity, I can’t be silent. In Lincoln,
Dallas, Vegas, Atlanta, Boise & Beyond people are fusing Fitness
with Financial Freedom. I coined that one. Pretty good, right? The
truth is, it’s more than a phrase, it’s the truth. I’ve seen it over
and over again. Unhappy overweight, out-of-shape people with lousy
jobs, losing weight, getting into shape, building their businesses and
creating the freedom to live the lives they’ve always wanted. I
wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, and
I’ve seen it happen to thousands of people time and time again.

Most of us would be lucky just to get a few opportunities in life to make it
better. I’m asking you not to ignore this one. If you’re unhappy with
your job and find yourself struggling with your health and fitness then
it might be time to open your eyes to the Team . If
you hate exercise, love fast food and have a hard time talking to
people then this business career opportunity isn’t for you. But if you
like the idea of being fit & healthy combined with having a life
that provides financial freedom (in these very scary economic times)
then step up to the plate and swing for the fence. Life is too short to
sit back and let everyone else have all the fun. We get to choose
whether we want to continue to struggle in this world or take control
of our own world. So what will it be for you?

While recovering from the car accident, I knew there was only one choice for our financial future. Self-employment once again. We didn’t want to get permanently locked into the consumerism lifestyle that resulted in working for someone else and plopping down on the couch to watch television each night. We wanted a way to impact people’s lives in a tangible way. Their physical bodies…then their financial situation through home business. Build a residual income stream where we could travel at will, without concern for what means we’d travel (plane, boat or RV) or the financial cost of it for as long as we wanted whether that be 9 months in Santorini or a year in Belize.

That’s the reason I love this lifestyle…is because it IS a lifestyle. Life is too short to live by someone else’s terms…to not live our dreams. A residual income lifestyle. A fitness lifestyle achieving optimal health. Improving people’s lives through exercise and nutrition then financial freedom.

I don’t have to talk people into the latest super juice or uber-vitamin from synthetic sources to take. It’s just a 21st century back-to-basics lifestyle. Cutting edge exercise and eating right combined with a supportive online community of like-minded individuals who decided to make a change…committed to making a change…working to succeed at making that change! With Team Beachbody!

They want to change how they feel, improve their physical bodies, develop habits that give them better health through how they live, act and eat daily. Then using the ultimate tool…WORD OF MOUTH marketing to earn a living from home. Whether it’s face-to-face, via Twitter, Facebook or the Team Beachbody Club about what they’ve experienced through Team Beachbody. And after finding two people interested in being Independent Coaches, then Beachbody starts placing customers they generate from the $70
million a year in infomercial advertising, into their businesses for FREE! Continuing their influence of the Beachbody Revolution and the fitness lifestyle to hundreds, thousands of people. It’s a home fitness revolution, er, I mean, a home business revolution. Wait! It’s both!

:) LOL

What is your choice? What is your passion? What do you choose to do or plan to do? Let me know! I love to hear people be passionate about what they are interested in.

Thanks for reading the latest blog post! I appreciate you being here. Find out what I am doing right now by following me on Twitter! Tweet this post if you enjoyed it. If you’re not subscribed to this blog of mine, head up to the top of the page and don’t miss a post ever again! :-)

Dream Big! Decide…Commit…Succeed!


Remember, I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and not a Beachbody corporate employee. I will receive a commission if you buy through my site but I would rather you become a Beachbody Coach, get the 25% discount off all Beachbody products and join the Home Fitness Revolution!

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